an aerial view of a waste facility

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Wakefield is a 25-year waste PFI contract providing services to Wakefield Metropolitan District Council with a maximum capacity to process up to 230,000 tonnes of waste per annum. The project involved the new build of three waste treatment facilities in South Kirkby (now complete), and the management of two transfer stations and seven household waste recycling centres in the local area. The project does not include collection and delivery, but is responsible for managing all waste delivered to the facilities, including recyclable materials and residual waste. The newly built facilities include a green waste composting plant, a materials recycling facility, and residual waste treatment facilities.

All operational services are subcontracted to Renewi which is an experienced operator in the waste management sector.
The project company derives revenue via an availability-based payment based on a guaranteed minimum tonnage provide by the council for processing.

Equitix is a co-shareholder in the project with Renewi.