Responsible Investment

We see ESG as a value enhancer to our investment toolkit which plays an important role in the way we identify attractive investment opportunities that deliver long-term, predictable cash flows to investors.

Not only do we work to shape the future, but we strive to protect it as well.”

Peter Roughton General Counsel


We are clear on the role that Equitix can play in response to climate change.

Firstly, we will continue to rapidly scale our pool of climate-related data from across the portfolio, in order to set clear targets for reducing GHG emissions at the asset level, where we have sufficient control to do so.

Secondly, we will continue identifying opportunities to accelerate the energy transition through investment in infrastructure that supports the rapid decarbonisation of the energy system.

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We want to identify ways in which our assets can be improved, particularly where there are benefits to all stakeholders. Where we encourage better management of water and waste, we are likely to see lower costs as well as reduced risk of pollution incidents.

If our portfolio asset employees are properly trained and equipped to perform their roles safely and skilfully, we expect to avoid accidents that lead to injuries or lost time. And, by encouraging high standards of supply chain oversight, we want to ensure that goods and services are delivered to our portfolio on time, on budget and without exposure to abuses of human rights or employment standards.

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At Equitix, we take an active approach to investment and the management of assets to drive performance optimisation for investors and ensure that we deliver high quality services to our communities. One of the most important and impactful roles we can play is to act as a source of guidance for portfolio assets, improving the quality of ESG reporting, and utilising data to drive improvements over time where we have sufficient control to do so.

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ESG: Reports, Disclosures And Policies

To access the Equitix Annual Sustainability Report, our Responsible Investment Policy, SFDR disclosures form, our annual Sustainability report and other relevant ESG reports and reviews, click on the relevant link below.

Equitix maintains information required under Article 10 SFDR in the ESG folder of the Intralinks Dataroom and Investor Portal. Access to the Intralinks Dataroom and Investor Portal is available to certain prospective and existing investors in Equitix funds and managed accounts.

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