We take the active advantage by evolving and reacting in timely, structured and commercially innovative ways to the inevitable changes of macro-economic forces.”

Achal Bhuwania Chief Investment Officer

The driving force behind our success are the partnerships at the heart of our business, allowing us to provide consistent active asset management.”

Sion Jones Chief Operating Officer


  • Social Infrastructure

    Equitix has its roots in the social infrastructure sector, having made some of its earliest investments in UK social infrastructure PFI schemes. Today social infrastructure is our largest sector with over £2.4bn AUM. The continuous and growing demand in society for social infrastructure is well-aligned with Equitix’s strategy of long-term responsible investing. Furthermore, our lengthy experience gives our public sector counterparts assurance of our reliable and expert stewardship of these assets.

    Our investments are diverse; from social housing to large hospitals, from schools and libraries to student accommodation, from leisure facilities to” blue light” and government offices.

    Our portfolio companies support communities by providing over 11.5k healthcare beds, 80k+ school pupil places, 19k + social housing dwellings, 14k student beds and 1.2 million streetlights.

    Our diverse team provides an active asset management approach. Our success is driven by the team’s focus on building strong working relationships with our counterparts; central government departments, clients, and supply chain.

    While the majority of our assets are based in UK, we continue to grow our social infrastructure investments in Ireland, Spain, Italy, and Austria.

    Exterior shot of a blue glass clad building
    • £2.4bn


    • 170

      purpose built social infra companies

  • Transport

    Equitix is the UK’s largest infrastructure investor in the transportation sector. We recognise that delivering efficient transport infrastructure is vital to providing economic and social benefits to advanced and emerging economies through connecting communities, promoting labour mobility, creating employment, and ensuring balanced economic development.

    Through its active asset management, Equitix has developed important working relationships with transport authorities such as Department for Transport (DfT), Transport for Wales (TfW) amongst others and is highly regarded as a collaborative and Trusted Partner that delivers excellence to the communities that it serves.

    Within the portfolio, we provide services in urban and regional road transport, strategic rail infrastructure and rolling stock, essential transportation in the health sector, maritime port services and aviation services supporting the Defence sector.

    Since Equitix’s UK investment origins, Equitix has expanded its geographical footprint to Europe, North America, Australia and the Middle East. The sector has a diverse range of assets in its portfolio containing strategic and vital infrastructure to the stakeholders we serve.

    Transportation remains an important sector which is critical to infrastructure in many regions. The sector continues to provide attractive opportunities where Equitix is able to bring infrastructure to life.

    A motorway going through a forest
    • £2.1bn


    • >250km

      of rail track infrastructure

  • Renewable Power

    Renewable Power is a key part of the transition to net zero with the UK and Europe targeting >75GW and >250GW from offshore wind respectively by 2050.

    Equitix is proud to be fully integrated in the active ownership, management and operations of key assets in the UK and in Europe and firmly believes it can play a key role in this transition to green energy and net zero.

    Equitix manages 6.0 GW of assets including wind, hydro and solar farms worth over £1.6bn spanning 11 countries. These renewable projects generate enough green energy to power nearly 3.6 million homes every year, or could fully charge 44,100 Electric Vehicles.

    In addition we manage 4 OFTOs worth £1.5bn. This infrastructure delivers 1.6GW of green energy (capable of powering 1.6 million homes).

    Equitix renewables metrics:
    – 4.8GW electric generation capacity
    – 1.6GW OFTO capacity
    – 3,019GWh offshore wind production
    – 444 GWh solar production
    – 264 GWh hydro production
    – 1,28 GWh onshore wind production

    Our experienced and diverse team’s expertise spans the breadth of this important sector, which we continue to focus on to help support the growing need for universal energy security.

    • £2.1bn


    • 6.0GW

      electric generation capacity

  • Environmental Services

    The Environmental Services Sector (ESS) covers a total of 40 assets across England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland , Europe and Australia, with £1.55bn invested and a capital base of £4bn.

    It includes operating and construction assets in a number of waste treatment sectors including energy from waste; mechanical sorting and recycling; waste wood biomass; district heating; anaerobic digestion; clinical and hazardous waste incineration and wastewater treatment.

    ESS facilities help to generate energy in the form of electricity, heat and biomethane, providing a low-carbon alternative energy source to fossil alternatives.

    Our electricity generation capability is 3,700 GWh/year, equivalent to powering over a million homes. The heat generated is used to supply customers in the food, drinks, manufacturing, hospital, social housing, and education sectors, providing those entities with lower cost energy and an ability to offset their own carbon footprint.

    A substantial shareholder in the UK’s largest fleet of EfW facilities, we provide essential waste treatment, circa 6 million tonnes per year. The treatment capacity helps to reduce the volume of waste that go to landfill, enabling UK authorities and businesses to reduce costs of managing waste, lowers demand for land resources and avoids potentially high uncontrolled CO2 emissions. Collectively, the ESS assets contribute more than 1 million tonnes of CO2 savings every year against the counterfactual case.

    With our in-house team of technical, commercial and financial experts in the sector, we actively manage our facilities, continually optimising our asset base to support the Government’s decarbonisation targets (by 2035) and the wider net zero agenda (by 2050), by diversion of waste from landfill, recycling and energy recovery.

    Exterior shot of a Viridor renewable plant
    • £1.55bn


    • 40

      assets globally

  • Network Utilities

    Equitix’s network utilities assets connect over 9.2 million customers to essential services such as Electricity, Gas, Water, Fibre and Heat. Equitix’s networks are highly reliable and resilient, and they form the backbone of the infrastructure that is required to create sustainable cities and communities. Investor returns are generated through a mixture of both regulated and un-regulated services with perpetual licenses. Affordable access is provided across the Equitix networks to deliver clean energy and improve quality of life for customers.

    Equitix and its network utilities partners are investing significantly to develop and upgrade the energy networks needed to enable a net-zero carbon economy. The electricity distribution networks are helping to deliver the step change in the electrification of transport and heat that will need to occur in the coming years. Investment in gas distribution networks will help replace existing fossil fuels via the injection and blending of renewable gases such as biomethane and hydrogen.

    Equitix is investing in innovation across all its networks, making them smarter to ensure they are capable of meeting the changing way in which energy and data are generated, transmitted and distributed to meet customer needs.

    The geographical footprint of Equitix’s network utilities assets spans across the UK and Europe.

    Over 3,700 people who continue to build, operate and maintain the networks are directly employed by Equitix’s companies across the sector.

    A lady holds a tablet with a holographic person map coming out of it
    • >5.3m

      electricity distribution customers

    • >2.6m

      installed smart meters

  • Data Infrastructure

    Equitix’s data infrastructure assets provide essential data services to mobile operators, households, regional governments, local councils, TV and radio broadcasters, and enterprises. Equitix’s telecom towers are highly reliable and resilient, and they form a critical part of the infrastructure that enables communication and data transfer over mobile networks. Revenues are generated through long term contracts and perpetual asset lives.

    Equitix is working with its telecoms partners to purpose the sites for 5G wireless technology, the next generation of mobile networks, which are up to 100 times faster than 4G. The investment in 5G networks will enable technological transformation through higher speed, superior reliability and lower latency.

    Telecom towers are used to provide secure communication channels, with low levels of mains faults and wide coverage area, for the smooth functioning of safety and emergency services including police, firefighters and ambulances.

    Telecom towers are also used to enable internet broadband connectivity in poorly served rural areas, helping communities connect and levelling regional disparities.

    A radio tower in the forest
    • >2m


    • >1,100

      telecom tower sites