Team Investment

Location Sweden

Oskar BackmanEuropean Managing Director

Oskar joined the Equitix team in August 2021 with the objective to focus generating and managing infrastructure investments in the Nordic Region. Oskar sources and leads the bidding and execution of investments in the region as well as participating in the asset management work relating to those assets.

Oskar is committed to enabling and accelerating the energy transition in the Nordics and is passionate about securing and creating a stable and democratic infrastructure systems that creates value for stakeholders in the society.

Oskar has been instrumental in growing Equitix’s presence in the Nordics by generating deals both in Finland (the acquisition of the car park in western harbour with the port authorities as lessee), building a fibre platform in Sweden for future consolidation of city as well as rural fibre networks and creating the joint venture with the Biogas provider Andion in Nordics as well as Italy.

Prior to joining Equitix Oskar worked for the AP 1 in Sweden being responsible for direct investments with focus on Infrastructure and Real Estate. Oskar has over 20 years of industry experience from companies such as Polhem Infra, AP1, PwC, DTZ Corporate Finance and SEB. In addition, Oskar started his own advisory business, Bois & Partner in 2005 focusing on advising public sector and public owned companies regarding project finance related transactions. This company was sold to PwC.

Oskar holds a MSc in Law from university of Stockholm and is fluent in English, Norwegian, Danish, and having Swedish as his native language.