Headshot of Richard Knight

Team Asset Management

Location London

Richard KnightManaging Director, Asset Management

Richard is a Managing Director of Asset Management and focused upon structural growth and long term performance of Assets Under Management. A senior member of the Equitix start-up team and the inaugural member of the Asset Management team providing leadership and growth for 14 years.

Richard is an advocate of strong relationships with first-hand experience in all areas of the supply chain. Enjoys independence and is a competent operator within complex environments, taking a controlling role to make things happen.

An active board member across all sectors with responsibility for M25, North Yorkshire Waste, Papworth Hospital and a number of regional highway assets. Typically involved during construction and through to steady state. He is an active member of the Pre Investment Committee and the Fund Oversight Committee, providing internal governance and finding work out strategies for assets that experience complications.

23 years’ experience of structured finance delivering critical infrastructure across all sectors Before joining Equitix, Richard was at Sheffield City Council with responsibility their schools programme and property estate. He also worked for Balfour Beatty Investments within concession companies.

He has a BSc (Hons) in Construction Management, is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Building and a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.