08 July 2022 Completion Announcement | Environmental Services

Corbiere Renewable

Equitix is pleased to share news of its most recent acquisition, with its joint venture partner, Helios Energy Investments in CORBIERE RENEWABLES LIMITED from the Raynham Estate and Downing LLP

Equitix and Helios co-own Bio Capital, which owns and operates a growing range of anaerobic digestion plants around the UK.

Corbiere Renewables is a 550m3/hour biogas-to-grid anaerobic digestion (AD) plant located on the Raynham Estate in Norfolk. Bio Capital will operate the AD plant and will continue to work in partnership with the Raynham Estate for the provision of feedstock and utilisation of the organic fertiliser produced by the plant.

Tom Raynham CEO of the Raynham Estate, said:

“Having built up such a successful AD business I am delighted that Bio Capital are taking on the company. We created the business to give our farming company greater resilience and less reliance on artificial fertiliser and global commodity prices…This is a long-term view and I couldn’t be happier that Bio Capital and our own outlook is so aligned.”

Congratulations to our teams involved in making this acquisition happen, in particular, Peter Sharpe, CEO of Bio Capital and team, and our own investment team, led here at Equitix by Managing Director, Rebecca Collins