24 February 2023 Transport | Transport

Elizabeth Line

Equitix is the UK’s largest infrastructure investor in the transportation sector, with over £2.1bn of investment in the sector internationally.

Equitix are the owners and financiers of the 70-strong fleet of trains which operate across the Elizabeth Line (Crossrail), through central London, linking Reading to Essex – in some parts of the line halving passenger commute times. The class 345 Aventra models, built and manufactured by Alstom, are exceptional trains, with a maximum speed of up to 90mph, unique longer-length carriages, walk-through design, air conditioning, boosting capacity by an additional 10% across the central London line.

In the 8 months in which the line has been open and operational, it has been transformational for business groups and small businesses, and has exceeded expectations with over 100 million journeys having been made to date making this one of the busiest railway lines in the UK.

The construction and development of the line has cost a reported c. £19bn, making this Europe’s largest construction project, with 42km of new tunnels, employing 10,000 workers in the construction phase over 13 years and creating 10 new stations on London.

Richard Holden, Transport Minister, said: “100 million journeys in less than a year is absolutely astounding – working out at almost 400,000 journeys every day, I’m delighted that the Government played a part through its crucial £9 billion investment….It’s clear that the line has already had a transformational impact on travel across London and the South East better connecting people while also creating over 55,000 jobs across the UK during construction.”

Sib Dance, London’s Deputy Mayor for Transport, said: “The Elizabeth line has transformed the way Londoners get around and continues to go from strength to strength. It is helping to build a better London – one which is a safer, fairer, greener, and more prosperous city for all.

We are proud to be play a leading role in the critical infrastructure in the UK, improving connectivity and accessibility and materially contributing to the improvement of every day hard working, Londoners’ lives and improving opportunities for the small businesses.

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