13 July 2023 Completion Announcement | Social Infrastructure

Equitix named as preferred bidder on University of Chichester student accommodation project

We are delighted to announce that Equitix with consortium partners, Uliving and have been named as Preferred Bidder to deliver upon completion, extensive refurbishment across their two campuses in Bognor Regis and Chichester for University of Chichester.
“We are delighted to be named as Preferred Bidder on this exciting project with one of the UK’s fastest growing institutions. As the UK’s leading investor and developer in social infrastructure, Equitix are well placed to successfully deliver an enhanced student living experience with our valued partners”. Hugh Crossley, Chief Executive for Equitix:
Uliving, the student accommodation brand of Linkcity UK, working in consortium with Equitix, propose to deliver a total of 1,032 units across the two campuses in Bognor Regis and Chichester. This will include; a stock transfer of, and extensive refurbishment to, the existing 507 beds across the two campuses; delivery of the enhanced consented 176-bed new build scheme at Bognor Regis and delivery of 349 new beds at the Bishop Otter campus in Chichester.
Oliver Campbell, CEO of Uliving said, “We are thrilled to have reached this stage and are looking forward to progressing our plans with Equitix to deliver high quality, affordable living spaces which meet the needs of the University of Chichester and its students. We will work collaboratively with our sister companies Bouygues Construction and Bouygues Energies & Services (UK) to deliver sustainable buildings that provide the highest level of facilities management services.”
The consortium is already a multi-award winner in student accommodation projects, over several years and their experience means they are well placed to provide the services required for meeting the university’s exacting standards. The project would add to their already large portfolio of student accommodation across England. It proposes to refurbish, develop and enhance the twin sites to be delivered in stages with Practical Completion by September 2027. The delivery of this project will tie in with University of Chichester’s long term sustainable investment strategy.
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Image is CGI artist impressions of the proposed sites in Bognor Regis and Bishops Otter campus, Chichester.