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Europe | Renewable Power

Grünwald Equity Geothermie GmbH (“GET”)

Grünwald Equity Geothermie GmbH (“GET”) is an operating combined heat and power geothermal plant with a peak electricity generation of 5.5MW.

The basic principle of this asset is to pump 114⁰C brine from a c.4.6 km deep reservoir which is used (i) directly as a District Heating source, and (ii) to produce energy through an Organic Rankine Cycle (“ORC”), a power generation plant producing electricity from the energy of the thermal brine. The pumped water is then reinjected back into the reservoir. The plant also includes a gas fired combined heat and power (“CHP”) unit to supply electricity to the water pump and injects heat into the District Heating Network.

The thermal output is connected to the local municipal Stadtwerke Traunreut’s (SWT) district heating grid and compensated under a 20-year fixed inflated price contract. The plant supplies 2,000 households, public institutions, and local industries.