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Telecom Castilla La Mancha

Telecom Castilla La Mancha (TCLM) is the leading independent telecom towers operator in the region of Castilla La Mancha, Spain, involved in the long-term rental of towers for telecommunications, broadcasting and transmission of radioelectric signals.

TCLM’s network is comprised of 1,120 sites as of 2023, with a 1.5x tenancy ratio in towers for mobile coverage. Most of the sites are in low density rural areas. The company offers c.100% coverage for digital terrestrial television and 99% coverage for radio communications across the region.

The Company has been gradually expanding its service offering portfolio to address new market segments such as mission critical services and broadband. In 2023, the company employed 37 staff.

The regional authority, Junta de Castilla la Mancha, is the current co-shareholder with 45% ownership. The management and coordination of the services are carried out in-house while maintenance services are subcontracted to third parties.

Long term agreements for the provision of operations and maintenance are CPI-linked and signed with large mobile network operators (Telefonica, Vodafone, Orange…) and regional public clients like CMM, the regional public TV broadcaster. In 2022, the company renewed the Regional TV contract for a period of 5+2 years.

In 2024, TCLM renewed the Tetra emergency service with the regional Public Authority until 2028, adding as new customers several local fire, police and healthcare departments. The company is partnering with farmers and foresters and testing IoT (internet of things) solutions for the agricultural and environmental sectors.