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Telecom Castilla La Mancha

Telecom CLM is the leading player in the region of Castilla La Mancha, Spain, in the long-term rental of towers for telecommunications, broadcasting and transmission of radioelectric signals. Unlike pure infrastructure assets, Telecom CLM’s business is not forecast to expire at any given date. Its infrastructure is expected to be renewed over time to maintain the company running indefinitely, subject to market dynamics.

Telecom CLM’s network is comprised of 1,038 sites as of 2020. The majority of the sites are located in low density rural areas. The company offers c.100% coverage for digital terrestrial television and 99% coverage for radio communications across Castilla La Mancha. In 2020, the company employed 36 staff.

The regional authority, Junta de Castilla la Mancha, is the current co-shareholder in the company with c.45% ownership. The management and coordination of the services are carried out in-house while maintenance services are subcontracted to third parties.