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Asolo Hospital Service Holdings, Italy

Castelfranco and Montebelluna Hospitals are located in the Veneto region of northern Italy and have been operating since 2008. The project comprises the design, build, financing, maintenance and operation of two acute hospital facilities. The two hospitals have approximately 620 beds in total with 153,087 m2 internal area and 113,296 m2 external area. Castelfranco Hospital has 13 floors above ground and two below ground, while Montebelluna Hospital has five floors above ground and one below ground.

The project company provides both hard facilities management (civil works maintenance, equipment maintenance, heating services, electricity provision and green areas maintenance) and soft facilities management services (cleaning, laundry, water supply, patient catering, biomedical equipment maintenance, call centre, reception, portering, internal transportation, waste management and sterilisation of surgical instruments).

Equitix Fund III owns 54% of the share capital and Equitix Euro Fund I 43%.