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Dolomiti Energia

Dolomiti Energia “DE” is one of the largest fully integrated multi-utilities in Italy with its headquarters located in Trento, Northern Italy.

DE is active in a number of sectors across the energy and utility supply chain. It has interests in a number of joint ventures that operate 45 hydro plants under regulated concession contracts with a capacity of 1,656 MWp generating renewable electricity located in the regions of Trentino and Veneto.

DE operates two regulated distribution networks under concession contracts. A 12,000km electricity distribution network serving c331,000 customers and a 2,400km gas distribution network serving c158,000 customers.

DE operates a gas and electricity supply business selling to consumers at a national level supplying c450,000 customers. DE operates a water and environmental waste management business serving c240,000 customers.

DE has c1,400 employees. A large element of DE’s revenue is earned under regulated type frameworks.

Equitix acquired a 5% stake and has one seat on the board of directors.