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Freedom Fibre

Freedom Fibre Limited (FFL)is a wholesale fibre business which has a long term (30-year) wholesale agreement with leading UK internet service provider TalkTalk Communications Limited (“TalkTalk”),. FFL is a wholesale FTTP provider, and plans to deploy a fibre to the premises (FTTP) network in the north west of England with an intensive roll-out programme over the next 5 years. FFL is focussed on this region to build a contiguous network in areas where TalkTalk enjoys a strong market share. FFL is targeting to pass over 3 million homes, backed by its strategic and commercial partnership with TalkTalk.

Equitix acquired a 40% interest in FFL with an investment commitment of up to £84m.

FFL has an experienced management team who have previously held senior positions in leading communications businesses in the UK. The roll-out strategy is underpinned by low cost deployment utilising Passive Infrastructure Access via Openreach assets (existing ducts and poles) together with the wholesale agreement with TalkTalk.