09 August 2023 Excellence

Equitix recertified as Planet Mark business 2023

Planet Mark is a leading sustainability certification organisation and supports Equitix in assessing, calculating and reporting emissions across our global operations. Following certification as a Planet Mark business in 2021-2022, we have undertaken a second annual assessment across the Equitix group, which includes Equitix Management Services (EMS).

Our objective in becoming certified with Planet Mark in 2022, was to start building an understanding of our operational emissions footprint and opportunities to monitor and manage emissions in line with achieving net zero by 2050.

Equitix owns or manages over 350 assets internationally. Some of our largest UK assets are working hard towards decarbonisation and reaching the net zero target well in advance 2050.

For example
Viridor Energy, a market leading developer, owner and operator of Energy Recovery Facilities, has set a net zero target by 2040 and net negative emissions by 2045. The business has been shortlisted to the final stage of the UK Government’s industrial carbon capture sequencing process.  See https://www.viridor.co.uk/our- ambition/runcorn-ccs-project/

High Speed 1 (HIS), the UK’s only high-speed railway, has set its net zero target for 2030 – See HS1 ESG report for net zero details: https://highspeed1.co.uk/media/k2yb01ta/hs1-esg-report-2022-23.pdf

Electricity North West invests in, operates and maintains the electricity distribution network which provides electricity and heat to 5 milion customers. They have set their net zero target to 2035 – see their net zero progress report: https://www.enwl.co.uk/globalassets/go-net-zero/net-zero/leading-the-nw-to-zero-carbon/net-zero-progress-report-may-2023.pdf

Equitix is striving to help deliver the green transition for the UK and beyond, with 18% of our total investment in renewable power valued at over £2bn AUM, generating 6.6GW of renewable electricity generation capacity. Our assets’ offshore wind capacity is equivalent to 32% of the UK’s installed offshore wind capacity (2022).